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Billing & Rating

Zenox billing is very flexible and offers predefined options for users to create bills.

Rates can be preconfigured and you can setup as many rate groups as you like.

Billing is the core of Zenox and users can have templates tailor made to include firm logo's.

Append PDFs used in corporate or government billing and have Zenox fill in the forms and tick the boxes for you. 

Options, Options, Options

  • But Say / Discount

  • Show Time Listing

  • Show Costs Incurred

  • Front page only

  • Fee Earner Legend

  • Pre saved recitals

  • And more

Proforma / Draft Bills


  • Draft Bills can be saved for editing

  • Users can review bills before finalisation.

  • Edit any item on the bill


Zenox offers a diverse range or rating which is pre configured and fee earners need not worry about setting rates.
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