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Client Management

You can store all your client details in Zenox and all of the contacts associated with those clients.

All the information can be found in one place or you can drill in and just see one page on the detail you need.

Client Portal


Zenox's one stop shop for anything about the client.

Configurable to your preferences.


  • Client name, address, phone numbers

  • Contacts assocaited with the client

  • Bills

  • Statistics

  • Deeds

  • Documents and e-mails.

Users can click through to other screens from the portal.


Client Information


  • Names

  • Contacts

  • Addresses

  • Phones

  • Billing Defaults

  • Marketing Information

  • Social Advertising Fields - Facebook, Twitter, Web Sites

  • Client Images which show in the Portal


Client Reporting


Reports can be customised by users but here is a sample list of basic reports which are used on a daily basis.


  • Client Balances

  • Top n Clients

  • Recently Opened Clients

  • Birthday list

Customised reporting is also available for law firms wanting reporting aimed at their clients.


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