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Time Recording

At the very heart of Zenox is time recording, every fee earner wants time recording to be as easy and flexible as possible.

There are multiple methods of time input and Zenox can be configured to suit firm or user preferences as required.

Day View

  • View of the day in 6 minute intervals.

  • Graph showing how many units for a given day to track progress.

  • Graph showing WIP for current matter and WIP vs estimate .

  • Multiple time recording forms can be opened at once to allow for interruptions in time record.

  • Mouse gestures to open, move and create new time records.

Time Sheet

  • Batch area to review unposted time

  • Graphs available that are used in the day view

  • Ability to bulk edit and fix spelling mistakes in names

  • Spell Checker

  • Timer

  • Slide Bar to select hours and minutes

  • Copy exisiting time records

  • Override amount to be charged

Statistics, Graphs & Reports

  • Only shows fee earners their data unless their configured to view all data

  • Statistics page to show authors how their tracking on key progress indicators

  • Week, Month, Quarter & Yearly view of time to show solicitors where their spending their time and how much is being recorded

  • MTD Fees & Billing report to tie their statistics back to solicitors work

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