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Zenox provides a base set of reports which are widely used in the legal market.


The base set of reports can then be modified by the user i.e. column names, widths and filters and saved to be used later.


All reports are available in Excel format should you maintain spreadsheets outside of your core product.

Layout & Macro
  • Users can customise reports and save the changes to a layout to be used later 

  • Pre configured lists of reports can be saved and re run at the click of a button, great for weekly or monthly reporting.

  • Reports can be e-mailed to staff members automatically by Zenox

Firm Reports

Lots of reports are available for you to track your business


  • Client Balances

  • Matter Balances

  • Aged Debtors

  • Work In Progress

  • Bill Item Analysis - Time, Fixed Charges, Disbursements

  • Fees Paid

  • Bill Reports


Customisable features


  • Column Widths

  • Grouping Columns

  • Sorting Columns

  • Filters on Columns

  • Turn on and off report features

  • E-mail reports to fee earners automatically



Matter Reports / View

Lots of reports are available for you to track your business


  • Ledgers Trust & Debtors

  • Trust Statements

  • Unbilled / Billed Time

  • Unbilled / Bill Disbursements

  • Bills paid & unpaid

  • Account Rendered Statements

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